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Franklin Public School District
Davis Thayer Elementary School
Davis Thayer Elementary School
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Geography Online Activities
Geography Online Learning Activities

Learn about the continents while you play a game

Play 5 continent games to help you place the 7 continents and 4 oceans on a map of the world.

Continent map game

Continent map game from National Geographic for Kids

Map Learning Games- select free stuff to find many map games, includes US and Canada and Latin America.


Answer 3 questions about landforms regions using an interactive map

5 games to play to help you learn landform definitions

Maps and landform feature activities to improve your geography sense of the United States regions and the world. Instead of filling in yur name and information choose "Maybe later" button on the right side under the name form and go right into the activities.

Landform Photos and Map- click to see pictures from NASA’s Earth camera

Map skills
Answer 3 questions about map grids using the map

Use a map of the world to learn about continents people come to the United States from

Learning activities about the United States and the world.

Use an interactive map to study latitude and longitude.

Locate dots on a globe to practice finding latitude and longitude.

See how much you understand about latitude and longitude.

Take a quiz on latitude and longitude and map skills.

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